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About Us

About Cancer Screening Dogs

Who We Are

My name is Annamaria, and I’m an attorney by trade as well as a dog trainer. My husband is a doctor, and together, we run our business from our home in Viitasaari, Finland. 

In 2016, we’ve heard about using dogs to detect early stages of cancer.  Excited by the idea of cancer prevention, we began to research this concept, which led us to develop a unique training system for cancer sniffing dogs. 

We were fortunate to find our two dog companions, Chris and Dori. They were easy to train and remarkably gifted when it comes to detecting cancer signs from the samples.

Working with them brings great satisfaction every day. What could be more fulfilling than saving lives and getting to live with and pamper our dogs? 

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Cancer Sniffing Dogs in Action

The Reason Behind It

With over ten years of experience in dog training, we realize that we can help save lives. People will have a better chance of surviving if they can detect cancer at an early stage. And our dogs can do that. 

What prevents people from testing is the cost, the hassle, and the painful, invasive procedures. Our method eliminates those problems so that anyone can get tested.

Let us help you answer the question of whether or not you may have a cancerous tumor.

Our Method

While medical specialists and other dog detection organizations use urine or blood, we use scent samples. They are fabric patches, usually worn on the skin or back for a brief time, and then sent to us for testing for cancer signs. We use a sanitary, resealable plastic tube to return the sample (prevention of scent contamination). 

Although they go through rigorous training, it’s fun for the dogs. Our training system uses scent and clicker training principles. We also created special equipment for dog testing.

With our innovative diagnostic method, they can immediately recognize the unique scent of cancer. The dog is not only choosing the positive one from a group of samples but can decide between “YES” or “NO,” sniffing only one sample. With one sniff, they determine whether there is or there isn´t a tumor in our patient’s body.

Customer Reviews

Check out what our worldwide customers have to say about our cancer screening service.

This is totally amazing and should be fully supported!

John Mathew

Docs & Paw OY shines a bright light on the importance of early detection.

Jessica Wilson

Amazing! It is so awesome that dogs can actually sniff out Cancer.

Bruce Derek

Thank you Docs & Paw OY for helping all of us!! Highly recommended.

Peter Anderson