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Cancer Detection Dogs Training in 2020

Cancer Detection Dogs Training in 2020

detection dogs training
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Detection dogs are gaining popularity worldwide. Detection dogs are used for military, police, and commercial purpose. People now understand the importance of detection dogs and what they can do for their organizations.

This usefulness of these detection dogs has made their training essential, and different organizations have started training programs. These training programs provide necessary skills so that they can be used in different sectors for different purposes.

How to Provide Scent Detection Training at Home?

Do you know the term AKC Scent Work? It is a sport in which detection dogs are assigned a task to locate the scent, such as explosives or narcotics and report the owner about the location of scent. Scent work is a challenging and positive activity that allows dogs to use their strongest sense to detect scent. This activity is fun and engaging, and it strengthens the trust between dog and handler. You can try this activity at home and train your dog for scent detection.

Requirements for Scent Work Training

As mentioned earlier, you can train your dogs for scent detection at home, but for this purpose, you need to have some supplies. You can purchase all these supplies either from Amazon or any other store near you. Things that you need for scent work training are:

  • Cotton swabs and cut them in half
  • A glass jar with a lid
  • Birch essential oil
  • Tweezers
  • A scent vessel that can hold a cotton swab
  • High-value treats
  • Disposable gloves
  • A plastic container that contains holes in the lid.

These are the things you need for training of detection dogs.

How to Prepare Scent Vessel for Scent Work Training?

  • Select a room that is at some distance from the area where you work with your dog. Wear disposable gloves and take cotton swabs and apply two drops of essential oil on it. Now place these cotton swabs in a glass jar.
  • Take your gloves off, wrap them in a paper and throw them into the trash immediately.
  • Take a scent vessel and get cotton swabs out of the jar by using tweezers and place them in a scent vessel.
  • Put your tweezers in a plastic bag and seal it.

You can reuse these cotton swabs after training if the soil doesn’t contaminate them.

Let the Dog to Find the Scent

  • Hold a tin in one hand and a high-value treat in the other and maintain them at some distance apart.
  • When the dog stops smelling and licking and picks the hand with a tin rewards your dog with food.
  • Repeat this step by changing the hand to test the memory of the dog.
  • If your dog can identify the tin within a few seconds and three times in a row, then you have done your job.
  • Put your scent vessel in any other room and ask the dog to find it.
  • If the dog can do this successfully, it means you have trained your dog successfully.

In this way, detection dogs are trained to find out explosives, drugs, and narcotics.

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