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Our Dogs

Our Cancer Screening Dogs

Meet the dogs who can sniff out cancer

At Cancer Screening Dogs, we have two dogs: Dori & Chris. Both of the dogs were sterilised, in order to prevent hormones from affecting their performance.


Dori is a Labrador retriever female, who was born in November, 2018. She is extremely friendly and eager to work. She was tested and chosen for the task as a puppy after a long search for the perfect nose worker and began her training at age of 4 months.

She is a great companion as well as a diligent and talented cancer sniffer. Dori loves swimming in the lake, walking in the nearby forest and playing with the children.


Chris is an English cocker spaniel male, born in May 2016. He’s the softest and most aristocratic dog we have ever seen. But when it comes to sniffing scent samples, he becomes enthusiastic  and tireless.

In his spare time Chris is a ball addict, who loves also just to have a nap in the living room, surrounded by our family.

Customer Reviews

Check out what our worldwide customers have to say about our cancer screening service.

This is totally amazing and should be fully supported!

John Mathew

Docs & Paw OY shines a bright light on the importance of early detection.

Jessica Wilson

Amazing! It is so awesome that dogs can actually sniff out Cancer.

Bruce Derek

Thank you Docs & Paw OY for helping all of us!! Highly recommended.

Peter Anderson